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Cloud Team


Scale-ready AI for growth leaders.

We bridge the gap from Cloud to Edge, from analysts to coders, we build AI so you can focus on delivering the best experiences and insights for your team and customers. We are Quant ONE.

Artificial Intelligence Expertise

We build production turn-key ready models from end-to-end, strategy to implementation at scale. Connect with our team to understand how we can leverage unique expertise in applied AI.


Our Team

We apply our deep expertise, knowledge, and passion to solve complex industry challenges, designed to fit your operations.

Data Sci

Custom Models

Draw on our expertise in data science to develop low-latency optimized inference models in areas such as FinTech, Industry 4.0, and Smart City.



Outsource manual labeling tasks with a dedicated specialist team for vector space or text classification, let us manage complexity of data quality assurance.


Cloud to Edge

Whether it's computer vision or text transformers like GPT-3, our goal is to delivery autonomous scale implementation of advanced neural networks.



We're about creating predictive value and actionable insights for deleveraging risk metrics for business success, presentable as dashboards.

Cloud Solutions

Wherever you are on the cloud transformation journey, we'd like to propel you forward. Working alongside your team, we'll define your strategic options, develop, and deploy scale-ready architecture to achieve measurable business outcomes.



We understand revenue and customer experience drive decisions. We're about creating predictive value with industry solutions.


Cloud Native

Infrastructure that's resilient and replicable, go from planning to shipping solutions that drive quantitative results quicker.



Whether you're on AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud - we're here to accelerate your journey as a trusted Cloud Partner.


Data Driven

Telemetry is the heartbeat of our design. We track and measure for low-latency experiences to optimize cloud adoption roadmap.


Cost Optimization

Solutions architected for predicable cloud spend with pricing plans to enable scalable runway your CFO will love to support.

Our solutions by the numbers



Executive Decisions Enriched with Data+AI


E2E Cloud Lift-and-Shift Migrations


Proof of Concept Models Architected


Developers Empowered on Social


Average ROI from Model Implementation


Managed Services Partner


Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner

Get in Touch

Learn how we can empower your team with agile solutions that accelerate Cloud + AI journey. Connect with an architect to schedule a call.





Here's what to expect

Preliminary 30 min Strategy Session

Understand Key Performance Metrics (KPIs)

Design Plan of Approach

Architect Proof of Concept (PoC)

Our strategic advantage

Turn Key Deliverables

Insights Driven Dashboards

Success Based Consulting Fee

Public Cloud Partnership

Artificial Intelligence, Applied.


Ai + ML + DL


Cloud Architects // Data Scientists

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