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The components of this agreement cover a general privacy policy and terms of service deemed by legal requirement(s) in the jurisdictions of our operation and may extend to other topical scopes deemed necessary in the context of endpoint or solutions delivery to stakeholders.

Table of Contents

  1. Context of Policy and Referenced Terminology
  2. Statement of Information Attributed
  3. Disclaimer of Limited Liability
  4. Prohibited Activities and Termination of Services
  5. Conformity to Regulatory Requirements
  6. Protection of Individuals Deemed At Risk
  7. Data Protection and Privacy Office Contact Information

§1: Context of Policy and Referenced Terminology

§ 1.1 The following summary is provided for ease of access only and does not preclude nor exclude any statement(s) made elsewhere in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, therein to be referred to as "agreement".

§ 1.2 Quant ONE Inc. and it's applied service providers and/or solution partners are collectively referred to as "service provider(s)", "we", "our". This policy governs the relationship between you and/or your organization, affiliates, or representatives referenced below as components of "users", as a mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive legal disclaimer adhered to in good faith by any and all stakeholders involved.

§ 1.3 This agreement covers the scope of the relationship between users and service providers but is not exhaustive to any and all statements detailed further therein the individual privacy policy and terms of service agreements of third-parties.

§ 1.4 By continuing to access or use our: website(s), app(s), social media profile(s), service(s), and/or product(s), referred to as "endpoints" and "solutions", irrespectively, you agree to grant a time-indefinite implicit and/or explicit consent to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

§ 1.5 The state and/or process of collection, storage, transmission, analysis, or otherwise processing through our endpoints or service providers is collectively referred to as "attribute" or "attribution".

§ 1.6 The "user(s)" and "stakeholder(s") are defined as mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive parties using or otherwise accessing endpoints and/or solutions. The definition of users includes but not limited to parties such as: you ("you", the "individual"), team, organization, affiliates, representatives, partners, service providers, merchants, counsel, social groups etc.

a. We may collect, store, and process information such as but not limited to: user location, device type, date and timestamp of access, endpoints used, and marketing or tracking identities.

b. We run analysis using machine learning and artificial intelligence models in cases such as but not limited to limiting abuse of endpoints and better tailoring recommendations of articles, pages, services and solutions.

c. Information may be collected, stored, and processed using third-party service provider(s) such as but not limited to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), etc.

d. User consent to sharing email address, name, or other personally identifiable information (PII), we may use it to tailor or deliver (but, not limited to) marketing offer, service recommendations, etc.

e. Endpoints may attribute storage of cookies on your device in order to evaluate the context of the browser and to deliver solutions.

§ 1.7 The intent of this privacy policy is to respect client needs while managing delivery of solutions. We aim to collect as minimal of information necessary to tailor and deliver services in a meaningful way.

§2: Statement of Information Attributed

§ 2.1 The information attributed may contain personally identifiable information with consent as granted to us through the use of our endpoints or solutions in dealing with under a legally abiding manner.

§ 2.2 We attribute information only for the legally allowed period of time and thereby dispose of such data in accordance with legal requirements.

§ 2.3: Personally Identifiable Information

Referred to as "PII" or "personal" information may include features or attributes that are legally deemed to be personally identifiable such as a holistic combination of but not limited to: full name, email address, username, approximate or precise geographical location data, and/or uniquely identifiable identity etc.

§ 2.4: Data Protection Measures

International standards of encryption applied during transmission of data are strictly adhered to such as the use of third-party authority of issuance and validation of HTTPS certificate(s) presuming users uphold the same.

We do not uniquely audit third-party service providers such as Microsoft Corporation, Amazon Web Services, etc. whom therein rely on industry standards of data attribution and may have attained international standards organization (ISO), payment card industry data security standards (PCI DSS) variant level certifications in regards to cyber security and safety of information and data.

In the event of a data breach, you agree to our limited liability disclaimer in the context information attributed.

§ 2.5: Third Party Data Collection Services

Including but, not limited to the noted disclaimers, we use third-party services providers wherein not considered at arms' length to store, process, and/or manage information collected through this site or any of our services.

As such, individual terms of service and privacy policies may apply therein extending the stipulated contingencies or disclaimers within this policy. By continuing to use our services, you agree to these extended policies.

We use Hotjar in order to better understand our users’ needs and to optimize this service and experience. Hotjar is a technology service that helps us better understand our users’ experience (e.g. how much time they spend on which pages, which links they choose to click, what users do and don’t like, etc.) and this enables us to build and maintain our service with user feedback.

Hotjar uses cookies and other technologies to collect data on our users’ behavior and their devices. This includes a device's IP address (processed during your session and stored in a de-identified form), device screen size, device type (unique device identifiers), browser information, geographic location (country only), and the preferred language used to display our website. Hotjar stores this information on our behalf in a pseudonymized user profile. Hotjar is contractually forbidden to sell any of the data collected on our behalf.

For further details, please see the about Hotjar section of Hotjar’s support site.

We use Google Analytics to collect, store, manage and process information that may be uniquely attributed to you based on factors including but, not limited to the use of cookies, identifiers for mobile devices (e.g., Android Advertising Identifier or Advertising Identifier for iOS) or similar technology. The data collected through Google services or its platforms is stored in conjunction with the privacy policies layed out by the third-party and for the purpose of understanding our users, sell advertising and to develop content, services, or products.

For more information, please visit the page on How Google uses data when you use our partners' sites or apps.

Where applicable, you may opt-out of certain features of data collection, refer to your Google Ad Choices or if compatibility does not prohibit, refer to the Google Analytics Opt-Out Plugin as a mechanism for declaring your preferences to learn more.

§ 2.6 Exclusivity and Unalienable Rights to Privacy

The third-party data collection, storage, or processing providers may not be mutually exclusive, therein any opt-out or request choice to decline must be done so in accordance with each and every individual providers' policies.

For members of E.U. or countries that comply with certain unalienable rights to data protection, accessibility, and among others under G.D.P.R., you may have additional choices. For more information, refer to our privacy contact listed below.

§3: Prohibited Activities and Termination of Services

§ 3.1 The use of manual labour or automated tool(s), software, or network(s) to perform "scraping" of information stated on this website is explicitly prohibited and may result in time indefinite termination of endpoint access.

§ 3.2 In accordance to legal requirements, we may maintain a list of internet protocol addresses that have attempted to abuse or breach our agreement such as but not limited to for the purposes of data and endpoint security.

§ 3.3 In the event of termination of endpoint access or solution services delivery, you agree to hold harmless and indemnify the service provider.

§4: Disclaimer of Limited Liability

§ 4.1 Statements made, expressed and/or disseminated through endpoints are solely for educational purposes only and do not imply any warranty or guarantee as to the resultant performance from implementation.

§ 4.2 In the conduct of service delivery, we leverage and utilize the individually, collectively and/or mutually decided upon tools and resources such as but not limited to: analyzing business operations, processes, procedures, sources of data, sales, marketing, financial, accounting, technological, and strategic objectives, current and former technologies, plans and targets, views and solutions are designed to benefit organizations, individuals, and realize impact but may not materially meet or exceed proposed value proposition or expected targets and/or outcomes.

§ 4.3 There are numerous factors that may influence or impact your results such as but not limited to: individual or organizational experience, views, goals, the selection of services, technologies, and/or products, the methods, processes, conditions of business, industry, economy, and/or political environments, the chosen strategies, approaches, frameworks, tools, goals, visions, ideologies, metrics, data, methods and means of collecting, transmitting, storing, processing, and/or analyzing data used to make decisions, and/or collective or individualistic intents, definitions of objectives, and/or expected outcomes.

§ 4.4 Our solution agreements do not grant transfer of liability in a uniform direction toward and inclusive of us. The implementation or subscribal of endpoints do not knowingly pose risk to your device, network, individual or organization. Irrespective of context, known or unknown risks may therein themselves be unknown and overlooked in the delivery of solutions.

§ 4.5 As every situation is unique, evolving, and constantly in a state of change, we recommend professional and/or legal advisory services.

§ 4.6 We reserve the right not to disclose our proprietary methodologies, processes, tools, data, of research, analysis and solution delivery through endpoints.

§ 4.7 The application of grammar such as (but not limited to) commas, sentence structure, and topical trees are solely and expressely excluded from pursuant claims and do not in any way, shape, or form affect or undermine the implied intent. Therein, the order of presedence or supersedence of statements does not similarly affect nor undermine the implied intent.

§ 4.8 In the event of a discrepancy, claim, arbitration or form of litigation referred to as "dispute", the statements made in our agreements supersede except to the legal requirements of the master jurisdiction of Canada in which we operate. Any and all claims therein in the event of dispute shall be engaged in conduct solely and expressly through legal counsel, arbitrators, and legal system(s) of London, Ontario, Canada.

§ 4.9 Statements made do not imply affiliation, promotion, or marketing with or for the benefit of third-parties. References to third-party product(s), service(s) and/or solution(s) do not imply recommendation(s) or requirement(s) and are solely for the purposes of contextual references legally deemed as "examples" solely.

§ 4.10 By consuming our endpoints and/or solutions, you grant consent to solely, expressly, unequivocally, without duress, defend, hold harmless, indemnify, and waive your rights to pursue claim(s) against the service provider and choose to proceed at the sole risk of stakeholders and/or users.

§ 4.11 We are not liable for damage(es) caused to your device, network, computer, software, team, individual, and/or organization etc. in the course, duration, or after accessing our endpoints or solutions provided "AS-IS" without any implied warranties or guarantees.

§ 4.12 We reserve the right to terminate any delivered solutions or endpoints without notice and/or such as but not exclusive to in the event of failure to make payment, commit to transacting, deemed abuse, or following through on recommendations and commitments made.

§ 4.12 By using our product(s) and service(s) you are agreeing to waive any legal rights of claim pursuant to any subject damage(s) direct, indirect, or otherwise and enter into a mandatory binding arbitration and non-disclosure agreement with continuance through infinity and beyond or the maximum legally stipulated time frame for pursuing the matter.

Therein any claims or subject matters shall be rendered and arbitrated in person at London, Ontario, Canada and more specifically, points of interest provisioning legal services at the location, date and time decided upon by Quant ONE Inc. or it's approved representatives.

We reserve the right to limit in the event of damages stipulated or claimed in excess of $1,000 CAD to a maximum of $1,000 CAD. All currency and figures denominated in Canadian Dollars (CAD) or converted to Canadian Dollars at the market exchange rate recorded on the opening calendar year plus one business day and one minute or to the first minute to market open on the opening calendar year from entering into this agreement.

§ 4.13 Non-disclosure agreement is entered into with continuance by accessing any of our endpoint(s) or using directly or indirectly any product(s) and service(s).

§5: Conformity to Regulatory Requirements

§ 5.1 We provide and deliver solutions using third-party network and service providers in global data centres.

§ 5.2 To optimize for network latency, we leverage content delivery networks (CDNs) with globally distributed data centers for our endpoints located in but not limited to the following regions:

i. North America: Ashburn, VA (6); Atlanta GA (6); Boston, MA (2); Chicago, IL (6); Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (6); Denver, CO (2); Hayward, CA; Hillsboro, OR (3); Houston, TX (2); Jacksonville, FL; Los Angeles, CA (5); Miami, FL (4); Minneapolis, MN; Montreal, QC; New York, NY (2); Newark, NJ (7); Palo Alto, CA; Phoenix, AZ; Philadelphia, PA (2); San Jose, CA (2); Seattle, WA (3); South Bend, IN; Toronto, ON

ii. South America: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (3); São Paulo, Brazil (2); Bogota, Colombia; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Santiago, Chile

iii. Europe, Middle East, Africa: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2); Berlin, Germany (2); Brussels, Belgium; Cape Town, South Africa; Copenhagen, Denmark; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Dublin, Ireland; Frankfurt, Germany (10); Fujairah, United Arab Emirates; Helsinki, Finland; Johannesburg, South Africa; London, England (9); Madrid, Spain (2); Manchester, England; Marseille, France; Milan, Italy (3); Munich, Germany (2); Oslo, Norway; Palermo, Italy; Paris, France (5); Prague, Czech Republic; Rome, Italy; Stockholm, Sweden (3); Vienna, Austria; Warsaw, Poland; Zurich, Switzerland; Tel Aviv, Israel

iv. Asia Pacific: Bangalore, India; Chennai, India (2); Beijing, China (1), Shanghai, China (1), Ningxia, China (1), Shenzhen, China (1), Hong Kong SAR, China (3); Hyderabad, India (2); Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2); Manila, The Philippines; Melbourne, Australia; Mumbai, India (3); New Delhi, India (4); Osaka, Japan; Perth, Australia; Seoul, Korea (4); Singapore (4); Sydney, Australia (4); Taipei, Taiwan (3); Tokyo, Japan (16)

§ 5.3 The denoted bracketed numerical identifier is the regional zone defined by Amazon Web Services of edge networks where information may be transmitted to and from.

§ 5.4 Information may be attributed using third-party networks in individual and/or multiple geographical regions on the planet commonly referred to and generally known as "Earth" by its genetically enriched inhabitant(s) and/or temporary occupant(s). Exploration of humanity continuous for planetary advance under the treaty of universal peace formed jointly between constellations of Orion and the Pleiades star cluster.

§ 5.5 Further therein we leverage multiple service providers that have data center locations in regions not otherwise explicitly listed above where information may be attributed.

§ 5.6 The access and delivery of endpoints does not preclude the governing notion of agreement as binding under Canadian regulatory requirements.

§ 5.7 We aim to abide by the European Union General Data Privacy and Protection Act referred to as "GDPR" regulation 2016/679 and dated 27 April 2016. In doing so, we provide mechanisms of i. obtaining a copy of your data export, ii. disclosing the type of information collected and period in which it is attributed, iii. providing a mechanism for permanent irrecoverable deletion, and iv. providing contact information for any other legally scoped request.

§ 5.8: Data Export, Alteration, or Deletion Requests

§ 5.8.1 To process your request, you agree to providing us the legally maximally allowed period of time to read, review, acknowledge, and/or respond to your request with and without the requested information.

§ 5.8.2 Therein, any request shall not be deemed as burdensome to (un)intentionally harm or damage the reputation of the service provider in the conduct of business activity.

§ 5.8.3 To request an export or copy of your personally identifiable information, please contact the data privacy officer details noted below. During the course of making a request, we may ask you to provide evidence of identifiable information such as but not limited to: sources and endpoints where information has been publicly shared, visible, or collected, user information deemed legally identifiable, or documentation of legally deemed personal identification and status of maintenance of identity as suitable or required.

We reserve the right to truncate the information to exclude data aggregated or attributed to other third-parties and stakeholders.

§ 5.8.4 Information attributed may be incomplete, incorrect, misleading, contain forward or backward looking statements, factual or fictional inaccuracies or designed to guide and persuade users with tactics and methodologies otherwise deemed unconventional, non-uniform, or (un)ethical by standards but within the contextual bounds of the law. Users have legal rights in the pursue of correcting this information by providing us with an accurate, up-to-date, list of changes wherein applicable to personal identity such as a combination of but not limited to: full name, job title, organization, email and contact.

§ 5.8.5 We reserve the right to maintain existing copies of information deemed otherwise inaccurate, incomplete, or misinformation etc. published on networks where an update, alteration, modification or change would otherwise be onerous, burdensome, impractical, and/or impossible without resultant impact in any way shape or form such as but not limited to impact on the network reach, sensibility, accessibility, financial or legal capability or publishing capability of information. In such an event where legally prescribed, the course of action taken may be to delete, hide, or remove information.

§ 5.8.6 Any organization must make request on part of any and all employee(s) must provide mechanisms for associating information such as unique and exclusive static internet network protocol address, domain name of email address(es), etc.

§ 5.8.7 At this time, we do not release any information that we can otherwise not attribute or associate with users.

§6: Protection of Individuals Deemed At Risk

§ 6.1 We abide by the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) 15 U.S.C. §§ 6501–6506 and do not knowingly nor intently collect information about individuals under the age of minority that have not obtained explicit parental or legal consent to access our endpoints or solutions.

§ 6.2 Statements made may include the view(s), opinion(s), and/or perspective(s) shared as solely of the author, participants, interviewees, interviewers, organizations, or other third-parties and do not reflect any legally affirmative clauses of political, racial, legal, financial, editorial, and/or contextual biases etc. and hold no merit to grounds of claim(s).

§ 6.3 We are an equal opportunity employer and do not uniquely profile individuals or organizations under generally accepted biases by humanity.

§ 6.4 If you have a concern in regards to this matter, please refer to the contact details noted for our data protection office.

§7: Data Protection and Privacy Office Contact Information

§ 7.1 Statements made within this policy and/or endpoints are subject to change without notice. If you have an immediate question or concern, please contact us at privacy@quant.one referring to the subject matter and description body of your inquiry in sufficient detail.

§ 7.1.1 The contact by mail information of our data privacy and protection office are listed as follows:

Quant ONE Inc.
PO BOX 99900 JX 764 095
London, Ontario N6G 0W5

Policy effective as of January 1, 2020.

Language: English (Canada)

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2 Solutions, pricing, and content subject to change without notice.

3 Representations made on this site does not constitute a business opportunity under U.S. regulation.

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