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Scale-ready AI for growth leaders.

We bridge the gap from Cloud to Edge, from analysts to coders, we build AI so you can focus on delivering the best experiences and insights for your team and customers. We are Quant ONE.

Our Mission

We're focused on you, the data driven growth leader that pushes boundaries to make impact a reality everyday. Production ready AI is the new frontier, we believe in crafting turn-key models, to put AI to work for you, the team you'd love to empower, partners that you'd love to work with, and a customer-first mission you'd want to be part of. Join us.

Azure // AWS // Google Cloud // IoT

Our Story

We're an AI powered start-up located in Toronto at the heart of one of the fastest growing superclusters in the world. Founded 7 years ago, we've built enterprise-class solutions. Get in touch to enable new revenue streams, increase efficiency of your cloud transformation and deliver the future with leading advisory services and industry experts by your side. Scale with Quant ONE.

innovators // cloud architects // strategic thinkers // designers

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Artificial Intelligence, Applied.


Ai + ML + DL


Cloud Architects // Data Scientists

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